The Honda Autonomous Work Vehicle May Be Coming Soon to an Agricultural Field Near You!


Honda R&D Americas has been working on a prototype of an autonomous vehicle that will aim to improve the safety and efficiency of many. Imagine a vehicle that is able to fight fires, search and rescue, and remove snow. With Honda seeking potential business and technology partners at CES 2019, the Honda Autonomous Work Vehicle might be coming soon!


Using Honda's ATV chassis and a 30-year history of navigating rugged terrain, the prototype is designed with a GPS and sensor-based autonomy to traverse almost any environment, a rail accessory mount system for all types of attachments, and onboard power plug-ins. Its compact size and off-roading capabilities make it the ideal design for maneuvering through a variety of terrains.

Some of the modes that the prototype is capable of include:

  • Follow Me
  • Pattern
  • A to B

These three modes work with a range of applications for impressive capabilities that can be applied to agricultural work, landscaping, and many more fields.


The autonomous work vehicle has had real-world testing at three locations to see how its capabilities could increase safety and efficiency.

At a solar operations company in North Carolina, there is an issue of vegetation management on the 178 acres of land. Not only is it difficult for this company to have a reliable way to manage the vegetation, but their available options have been expensive, too. The autonomous vehicle was able to be outfitted with a mower so that it could safely and efficiently remove weeds around the panels.


With Honda's advancements, it will be exciting to see how uses of the autonomous vehicle continue to develop and how its applications could change lives. For life-changing, innovative technology that is already available, be sure to check out our current selection of new Honda. Start looking today to find how safety and efficiency can be found in the new Honda lineup!

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