Honda Xcelerator Showcases New Technologies at CES 2018

The automotive industry is rapidly evolving with intent to transform transportation as we know it, and one automaker who is encouraging this development is Honda. Specifically, through their subsidiary known as Honda Xcelerator, they are establishing partnerships with tech startups to further the advancement of vehicle technologies. In fact, the company announced at the CES 2018 show its upcoming innovations through working with Tactual Labs, EXO Technologies, DynaOptics, DeepMap, BRAIQ and WayRay.

What does all this mean for consumers like you? If you were hoping to see a revolutionary driving experience in the near future, then the time is drawing near. One example of a new features that you will likely see integrated into newer lineups includes the personalized Adaptive Cruise Control system created by BRAIQ. It uses sensors to collect data on driver input such as accelerating and braking. In doing so, it learns about an individual's driving style to create an autonomous experience tailored to their liking. Another example is the holographic augmented reality navigation system produced by WayRay. This feature is no ordinary head-up display. Rather, it projects real-time directional assistance in the driver's line of sight using a hologram that matches the surroundings. In this way, the aim is to make getting from point A to B effortless.

Excited for what lies ahead? Our team at Sullivan Honda is too! But while we wait for these startups to take shape and eventually make its way to the market, we encourage you to also learn about what technologies are now available by visiting our dealership in Torrington, CT.

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