5 tips for your car as fall approaches

Fall is right around the corner, and we've got some car tips to help ensure your Honda is ready for the changing seasons.

  1. Start looking for winter tires: now is a great time to start shopping for winter tires if you need new ones this year! There are more sales going on and you can have them shipped, ready, and waiting well before the time comes to change them over. No more being stuck in that rush.
  2. Check your lights: if you have automatic lights make sure they're set to on. As it starts to get darker earlier, you want to make sure you have excellent visibility all times of the day. Plus it's convenient!
  3. Assess your tire pressure: did you know that your tire pressure can change 1-2 pounds every time the temperature changes 10 degrees? As we dip into cooler months, start checking your tire pressure every 30 days. Properly inflated tires have better traction and you'll get better fuel ratings. And while your car probably has a Tire Pressure Monitoring System alert on your dash, by the time that has gone off your tire pressure is usually too low, so don't rely on that entirely.
  4. Update your safety kit: everyone should have supplies in their vehicle for an emergency. That means a kit for first aid and road side safety, as well as water and snacks. Tip with the snacks: don't pick your favorite treats or you'll start sneaking them! It's also a good idea to keep some old blankets out back. They even come in handy if there isn't an emergency, like if you want to catch a fall game and stay warm on the bleachers.
  5. Take off or swap out racks: summer is the time for SUPing, canoeing and kayaking, but now that the season is done you'll want to take those racks off. You'll get better fuel ratings and driving at high-speeds will be less noisy. If you like to ski or snowboard, you can of course swap out the racks when the season gets closer.
As always, if you're due for service, make sure you schedule an appointment with our service center team, and don't forget to check out the service specials before coming in.
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