Here at Sullivan Honda, we know one of the most confusing parts of owning a vehicle is getting the maintenance just right. We want you to be an informed driver who can handle all the maintenance required to keep your car moving in the right way. A confusing aspect of vehicle maintenance can often be oil changes which have become more difficult to handle in an age when new oil technology is extending the life of the fluid and engines at all mileage levels.

Keeping Your Warranty Active

One of the most important parts of understanding vehicle maintenance is making sure you do not void your vehicle's powertrain warranty. Whether you are driving around Waterbury CT or heading out further along the open road, you will want to make sure your car is properly cared for by our team of technicians. The basic need for regular oil changes every 10,000 miles is to keep your warranty active with our service department able to care for your vehicle and keep your oil working as it should.

As Your Vehicle Ages

In the past, oil changes would be recommended every 3,000 to 5,000 miles, but upgrades to the engine oil and engine technology mean 10,000 miles has become the recommended time of each oil change. Once your powertrain warranty is not active, it is still important to keep up with regular oil changes because you can make sure your engine is always cared for in the right way. Some older vehicles can burn oil meaning a regular change can make sure you do not face the issue of an engine having little to no oil to keep it moving and lubricated.

Other Maintenance can be Completed

Although oil changes are important for keeping your vehicle moving around Bristol CT or Farmington, it is also important to make sure all other areas of your car are cared for in the right way. When your vehicle is placed on the ramp at our service center, our technicians can check your fluids, brake pads, and much more to make sure you are safe in your car at all times. Schedule your service appointment today at Sullivan Honda in Torrington.

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