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Which Honda Gets the Best Gas Mileage?

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If you're currently shopping for a new Honda in the Torrington CT area, you know that fuel-efficiency is going to be a major factor in your decision process. Gas prices have been remained at elevated levels and aren't showing any signs of coming down anytime soon. Making sure you get a vehicle that not only has the Honda style, performance and quality you're looking for, but whether or not it gets great gas mileage is just as important! Thankfully, Honda has been building quality automobiles that get great mileage for years and any one of these awesome vehicles will serve you well and help you save money each time you fill up.

A desirable fuel-efficient vehicle will get at least 30 Combined MPG - that's combined miles per gallon - the average of the vehicles estimated highway and city fuel economy ratings. Why are these ratings different? There are a number of factors that determine a vehicle's estimated fuel economy and why cars have different fuel efficiency on the highway as opposed to city driving. When you're driving fast on the highway, your transmission is in high gear (aka "overdrive"), which means your car's wheels are turning faster than the engine. You are covering more ground with less work from your engine, so your fuel economy will be greater. In the "city", you are frequently starting and stopping, accelerating and decelerating, and generally in lower gears, meaning your engine is working harder to take you shorter distances. That translates to lesser fuel economy EXCEPT when you're driving a hybrid car. A hybrid runs on both a gas-powered engine AND an electric motor, which gets used more at low speeds in city driving, saving gas and resulting in higher city MPG than highway MPG. Everyone's driving habits are different and only you know what kind of vehicle and its specific fuel-efficiency will work best for your unique situation. Sullivan Honda invites you explore each of the new 2023 Honda models featured here to find out more about them and how they can help you save on fuel costs.

2023 Honda Models MPG Ratings

2023 Model Combined Highway City
2023 Honda Accord Hybrid Accord Hybrid 48 mpg 44 mpg 51 mpg
2023 Honda CR-V Hybrid CR-V Hybrid 40 mpg 36 mpg 43 mpg
2023 Honda Civic Sedan Civic Sedan 36 mpg 42 mpg 33 mpg
2023 Honda Civic Hatchback Civic Hatchback 35 mpg 39 mpg 31 mpg
2023 Honda Accord Accord 32 mpg 37 mpg 29 mpg
2023 Honda CR-V CR-V 30 mpg 34 mpg 28 mpg
2023 Honda HR-V HR-V 28 mpg 32 mpg 26 mpg
2023 Honda PilotPilot22 mpg27 mpg19 mpg
2023 Honda OdysseyOdyssey22 mpg28 mpg19 mpg
2023 Honda PassportPassport21 mpg24 mpg19 mpg
2023 Honda RidgelineRidgeline21 mpg24 mpg18 mpg

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With all these outstanding models to choose from, you can't go wrong no matter which one you decide to drive home. Whether you go with one of the excellent Honda hybrid models like the Accord, CR-V, or Insight, or any one of the economical gas-powered models that still get very good gas mileage, Sullivan Honda is here to help you get the biggest bang for your buck and save you more at the pump. Shop our new Honda inventory here or visit our Torrington CT Honda store to speak to one of our knowledgeable Honda professionals to find out more about the new line of 2023 Honda vehicles.

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