The Honda Passport is a spacious SUV even with the vehicle being small in size. It offers the capability that you desire from an SUV along with interior features to keep you and our passengers comfortable. There are also several technology and safety features that are in line with the details Honda is known to offer with its line of vehicles. When you view the Honda Passport at Sullivan Honda in Torrington, you'll see that there are new design features as well as a few surprises inside the vehicle as well.

Interior space allows for at least five people to fit comfortably inside. There is also an abundance of space in the rear of the vehicle for everything from groceries to luggage. You can fold the rear seats down so that you can haul larger items or those that are of an awkward design.

If you fold all seats down, you'll have a little over 100 cubic feet of space while transporting your belongings in Waterbury CT. The front seats are ventilated so that they don't trap heat. The all-wheel-drive setting makes driving through snow, rain, and mud a bit easier without worrying about the terrain.

The V6 engine under the hood of the Honda Passport offers plenty of power for navigating streets and highways in Bristol CT while still keeping your fuel mileage under control. The engine delivers 280 horsepower with a nine-speed transmission that makes shifting gears as smooth as possible. While driving the Honda Passport, there are a few features that can assist in keeping you safe on the roads around Farmington.

If there are signs that a collision could occur, emergency braking will quickly slow your car so that an accident can be avoided. Lane assist and lane departure warning signals are standard in the Honda Passport. These warnings can let you know if you are swerving to another lane so that you can maintain a straight course while you're on the road.

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